Saturday, April 13, 2013

You Can't Take The Yarn From Me

So the story is this.  Back in 2002, a little show aired on the FOX network.  That show was called Firefly.  It gained a loyal fan base in less than one season, before it was unceremoniously cancelled by FOX.  The fans were not amused.  This brilliant creation by Joss Whedon needed to live on.  And it did, after the fans insisted, in a movie called Serenity in 2005.  But that shouldn't be the end and the fans know it.  For more than 10 years, the fans have kept the signal alive by creating their own symbols of the show.  One such symbol is the Jayne hat.  This hat is made and worn by loyal fans in their everyday lives, converting people into new fans when they ask why someone would wear something so hideous... err.. cunning.  But now, that fanchise is threatened.  FOX, in its usual, greedy way, has decided that even though the show wasn't good enough for them, the money made by these hand made hats certainly is.  They are shutting down small businesses all over, especially on etsy, for selling these "licensed" products.  Ugh.  Really?  For a show that hasn't been aired in 10 years, that was cancelled before they even got a chance to air all the episodes?  FOX, you fail again.  Thank you for showing us that you don't care at all about your viewing audience.  That you only care about how much money you can poach from individuals who are just trying to share their love for a show you cancelled.

Here is some additional info on this situation and what fans are doing about it.

And here is me doing my part.  You can't take the yarn from me, FOX.  I will knit this hat for my son every time he grows out of the previous one.  And I will knit one for everyone I know.  You have enraged the Knitters - and the Browncoats, FOX.  You Will Be Sorry.

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