Sunday, November 18, 2012

Birthday Weekend

I had such a lovely birthday weekend this year.  Jon is an incredibly sweet and considerate person and he always manages to make my birthday special.  On Friday, a package came to our house.  He knew it was coming and asked me to bring it in without thinking too much about it.  So that's what I did.  I didn't even look at the box.  The last thing I wanted to do was spoil a surprise.  That evening, he went into our office and looked at the box, then came back out into the living room.  He asked if I had seen the outside of the box, and I truthfully told him no.  It turns out the box had the word "laptop" printed on the outside of it.  If I had looked, it really would have spoiled the surprise!  I'm so glad I didn't look.  :)

He wrapped it and let me open it that night, and I haven't stopped using it since!  It's really nice and was absolutely needed.  I haven't had a computer since mine died almost a year ago.  I had been using my work computer, but the reason I can't do that anymore is a whole other story!

Also that night we went to 5 Guys, one of my favorite "quick food" places.  I don't really consider it fast food, more quick food.  ;)

On Saturday, we were shopping and he turned into Twist Cupcakes and told me to pick out six cupcakes.  Yum!  And the Saturday night we went out for dinner.

And then today, on my actual birthday, my parents had a little party at their house.  It was great.  Turning 36 wasn't a horrible experience at all.  I have a wonderful husband, a sweet baby boy, and a beautiful home.  And friends and family who love me.  Who could ask for more than all that?  Now if only I could find a job I really love...

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