Friday, August 08, 2008

always plotting

Yes, even when there is no writing news, I'm always plotting in my head.  Yes, even though I'm concentrating on lines and dance steps, I'm still thinking of Draha and it's adventures.  When the show is over, I should be able to finish that first outline without too much trouble at all! 

There were a few things I didn't know, but I think I've figured them out now.  I had a couple of problems that needed solving and I think they have been solved.  I have finally figured out where each portal will be placed in each world, and I know what they will look like.  I'm struggling a little with the symbol for the portals - because they will all be different, there should be some kind of identifying mark that isn't too obvious but can be seen by Cindy and Justin.  I'm either going to make the symbol the same thing, something I make up to go along with the culture of Draha that I'm creating, or a symbol that means what each island represents, probably also made up but possibly some kind of hieroglyphic or celtic symbol just to give it a little significance in reality.  I want it to be (or seem) old, ancient even.  I'm also dealing with the language issue.  I've always found it suspicious in books when people or creatures from other worlds or dimensions speak English, just like the main characters do.  Maybe Cindy and Justin have some special gift for understanding all Draha languages or something, being that they are the chosen two.  Or maybe that's even more cheesy than everyone speaking English.  I dunno... something to think about.

Do you know what else I love?  Back story!  I'm having a marvelous time creating back story for each of the Guides.  There's one on each island and they go back generations, knowing this is their job and waiting to be called into service.  It's a fun exploration of family and duty.  I've been making notes on all this backstage and while waiting for rehearsals to start.  I love when I know my lines, because I have so much more time!

So yeah, September will be a big month for Draha.  Stay tuned...

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  1. Wow! good luck with your show! I'm really impressed with your draha concepts. Hopefully I'll read it someday, that would be cool!

    Ria (tonyfan20 on ravelry)