Tuesday, March 04, 2008

knitting disaster!

I finished my swap hat and for some reason it came out way too small! I'm not sure what happened, but there's no way I can give it to my swap partner. I sent a message to the leader of the swap telling her that I was going to be a bit late sending mine off because of the disaster and I started over. This time I did a gauge swatch and changed needle size. I think that's why it was wrong. So now I'm freaking out a little because the deadline is tomorrow and there's no way I'll get it finished by then! Yikes!

I do hope the swap master is understanding about it. I'd hate to be banned from the swap because I messed up my gift and wanted to start over.

No big news otherwise.

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  1. Anonymous1:41 PM

    My friend, who knits for film and television, always says the swatch is the most important part of the process. Because no matter what the pattern says, the individual knitter's swatch will be slightly different, and you have to adjust.

    Good luck.