Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Housewives, survivors and doctors... oh my!

Since most of the fall shows have started now, I wanted to take a moment to talk about the shows I'm most excited about. This is only a very brief look at new and returning shows that I will be watching this fall. More detailed reviews will probably follow as the season progresses, especially for the new shows.


I had decided to hate "Desperate Housewives," which airs on Sunday nights on ABC, mostly because I hated the name, but also because it's in the time slot of the fabulous show Alias. However, I recently watched the pilot episode of "Desperate Housewives" and loved it! Seriously, check this show out! The humor is dark and funny with more than a dash of naughty thrown in for good measure. While I'm not entirely clear on the premise just yet, it appears to be following the lives of several somewhat bored housewives in their daily lives as they attempt to spice things up a bit, and possibly figure out the mystery involving the death of one of their friends. I haven't read anything about this show yet and have only seen one episode, so I don't know much about it, but I know I loved the first episode and will be back for the second.


The best new show on TV this fall by far is "Lost," also on ABC. There's something wrong with the world when ABC has the best new shows, isn't there? Now that the entire 2 hour pilot has been aired (new episode to air tomorrow night!) there is a lot of speculation on the 'Net about the mysterious nature of the island and the back stories of the 48 or so survivors. If you're going to watch a show about people stranded on an island, pass on "Survivor" and watch "Lost" instead. Why? Because reality TV stinks, for one thing, but also because with "Lost," you get great drama, excellent writing and they can do so much more in a scripted series than they can on a reality show. If you want to hear what fans are saying, go to www.abc.com and check out the community board for "Lost." The community is great and the theories are a blast to read! If you want to know what happens on each episode, tune back in to my blog because episode summaries are coming soon! "Lost" airs on Wednesday nights at 7 Central on ABC. Watch it... you won't regret it!


What can I say? After so many years, I'm still a fan of ER. The first episode of the season was exciting and interesting, so I will continue watching. However, the real hospital show to watch is Scrubs. With even more hilarity and fun than previous seasons, Scrubs is off to a great start.

So those are just a few of my picks for those "staying in" evenings, when you want good entertainment. Heck, don't just watch them when you stay in, tape or TiVo them when you go out and watch them later if you want. Just watch them!

Goodnight for now,

Anita Havel

The Casual Critic


  1. Anonymous6:42 PM

    I didnt think that I would enjoy "Desprate Housewives" because I thought from the commercials that it wouldnt be very classy. But I too enjoyed the show. I watched for 5 minutes and was hooked. Maybe because it has a soap like way about it that as the story unfolds it opens up more questions. Like what did the narrorator do? And, why does the "hot" new neighbor man carry a gun?
    I too still love ER. Cant get enough of it but one show I love that you didnt mention was CSI. I like all of the CSI series but enjoy the original CSI most.

  2. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Thanks for the comment. You're right, I didn't mention CSI and I really should have. I've been too involved in other shows to become involved in CSI, but I caught a CSI: NY episode, I think it was the first one, and really loved it. I'm afraid it is going to be like The West Wing for me, I love it when I watch it, but I can never remember when it comes on! I do believe the CSI series is great and I plan to try to catch CSI: NY as much as I can this season.