Wednesday, January 10, 2007

finally finished

We started printing our newsletter today. It's great to be finished with that particular project. I love doing it, but I do have to smile when it's finished for another quarter. I think there might be some very interesting projects in the very near future for me at work, so I'm very excited about that.

I might have had a brain wave about Deadly Council. I have to think on it a little longer, but I think I have a killer now! We'll see what happens. I also worked on Under the Magnolia Tree today, completing four pages this evening.

I started Hannah's scarf the other day and worked a bit on it last night. I wanted a little change of pace. It was exactly what I needed. The softer yarn I'm working with is much nicer, it feels better on my fingers. The acrylic was beginning to rub my fingers the wrong way. I believe I'll look for softer yarn in the future, especially for the blanket I want to do. Speaking of my blanket, I worked on a pattern for it. This is only one possible design, but I do like it. The colors here are a little more extreme than the actual colors, but it works well as a representation. I do love the black border, though. It'll take me months to complete, but I think it will be totally worth it when I'm finished.

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  1. You're better off with natural yarns rather than acrylics. Eventually, the acrylic will disintegrate, especially if you use black.

    Have you tried the yarn made from bamboo yet? It's surprisingly soft and has a wonderful look and texture. Easy to use.