Friday, July 18, 2014

Dear Nathan (22 months old)

Dear Nathan,

I'm going to steal some Facebook posts to share some special memories of this month with you.  

Nathan made me cry a little bit this morning. As I was leaving him with my mom so I could go to work, he waved and said " I love you." For the very first time. 
Of course, it sounded more like "I rub Jew," so maybe he was saying something completely different. 

And then this one:

Last night Jon asked Nathan if he wanted to hear his baby brother or sister's heart beating. He climbed up on the bed beside Jon and watched him as he got the doppler ready and put it down on my belly. When he could hear the heart beating, we told him it was his baby brother or sister, then he snatched the speaker out of Jon's hand and held it up to his ear like a cell phone and said "hi." I asked him if he wanted to say hi to his brother or sister and he grinned and said "hi boter." So I guess he thinks we're having a boy. It was seriously the cutest thing ever.

We found out the sex of your younger sibling this month.  It's another boy!  You'll have a baby brother soon.  I'm looking forward to seeing the two of you wrestle and play with each other.  You will be sharing a room for awhile, so hopefully you will get along well.  I want you to know that this baby will in no way take your place.  Nor will he take any of my love from you.  You will always be our sweet, funny, awesome Nathan.  The new baby will be someone else and we will love him too, but that will in no way take away from you.  I promise.

Love you, baby.

All my love,


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