Tuesday, September 29, 2015

STEM Storiez

I was asked to check out STEM Storiez and I'm really glad I was, because we will likely incorporate these into our homeschool preschool lessons.  STEM Storiez are accessible STEM e-books for young children and children with special needs.  I took a look at their website to learn more and discovered these e-books are really pretty amazing. 

From their website:  STEM Storiez is a set of switch-accessible e-books focused on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). STEM Storiez incorporate narration, interactive visuals, animations, sound, and adjustable print into an accessible format for inclusion of all children with or without special needs. The unique interactive methods incorporated into STEM Storiez are designed to support the diverse learning needs of children, while making learning fun and interactive.  Touching the screen activates the interactive visuals and sounds – each touch provides a different experience. Or use Zumo, a lovable and huggable smart toy made by engineers that makes the math and science come to life.

Using this technology, a child can learn math and science without even really realizing they are learning, which is really the best kind of learning, don't you think?  STEM fields are so important, and this is an area where I struggled as a child, so I want to give my kids every possible advantage I can.  An interactive e-book that helps teach them math, shapes, money, and so much more is something I can certainly get behind.  And one that uses a plush turtle to help with those lessons is even better.  So check out STEM Storiez and see if it is right for your child.  I'm pretty sure that turtle named Zumo is going to be under our Christmas tree this year.    

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